Hi Im new. My name is Victoria and I have a one year old pit named Angie. I also have 2 other dogs (Brice a 3 year old minpin and Verona a 2 year old mutt).

If this has been posted please feel free to delete this and thank you for signing...

They are trying to pass a breed ban in New York. Please go sign this petition. It will only take a minute and you only have to put your name. You can also choose the “display in public list as “anonymous”. You can see puppy pics of Angie on the petition list on numbers 407 and 417. Oh and please repost this were you can.<l=1168134127

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Happy Halloween

In the spirit of Halloween, I post this pic of my Staffie all dressed up. She hates costumes so the pic isn't the greatest as she won't stay still. Enjoy!
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Well-I didn't end up taking Roxy to the shelter. It was a hellish last few days because both my roommate and I are horribly allergic to dogs and our cats were so scared they peed all over the house AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN-but my girlfriend would not have anything to do with the idea of taking her to the shelter. Jenn didn't take care of the dog, that was all me-and suddenly, she did A FEW things for Roxy, but just about as soon as she began helping, she stopped and went back to her old ways of not really caring. And thus, when someone contacted me from North Carolina saying that they wanted Roxy-well, lets just say, I spent 15 hours in the car Saturday and Roxy now has a happy home. It sure seems quiet around here without her and I'm finally getting used to not having a sinus headache constantly!

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I know I'm probably going to get a lot of angry reactions for this, but I felt like I owed everyone an update. Our friend who was interested in Roxy cannot take her and since our humane society won't have her (since she's a large dog), she's going to have to go to the county shelter.

We CANNOT keep her. Our cats are very afraid of her-to the point to where they've peed on everything in the house and refuse to eat at times. I hate to say it, but when it comes between a dog I found on the streets and my cats that I keep as pets.....One has got to go.

Thanks to those of you who offered support and I apologize that it didn't work out the way we all wanted it to.

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Hi, my name is Amanda and I am a huge animal lover-this is my first post here-I have kind of a reputation for taking in strays and finding them homes. However, I have had my sweet girl, Roxy (who is a dog), for about three weeks now with no luck in adopting her out! She is a sweetheart, however, my apartment complex (that allows dogs and cats and just about anything else for nominal fee of $85 at time of move-in) is threatening to evict me because of her.


Because she part pittbull and they insist that all pitt bull mixes are mean. She is the sweetest dog on the face of the earth-she even gets along with my six cats and the birds who eat from my outside birdfeeder don't run away from her. She might lick you to death, but she doesn't ever bite! No food aggression, no animal-to-animal aggression, no people aggression-our theory here is that the apartment threatened someone else and they just let her go. The apartment was going to have her put to sleep because of her mean breed (and our local animal shelter does gas euthanisia *shudder*), and I couldn't let this happen.

If you or anyone you know are interested in a sweet medium sized dog (housebroken, loves cats and kids) and you live in the southeast, comment on here or email me at

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Our newest fur-babies

This is my first post to this community. My fiance and I are adopting two puppies, a boy and a girl, from a local shelter. They shelter thinks they are boxer mixes but we think they might actually be pit bull or American bulldog mixes judging by the look on their mom. No clue about the dad. We're bringing them home this coming Saturday. We've finally decided what their names will be. The little boy will be called Gage and the little girl will be Una. Gage, we knew his name instantly. Una took a bit longer to decide because we were also considering Brynja but Una simply fit her better as much as we liked Brynja. Gage's named was inspired by Phineas Gage and Una is a Latin name that means one, unity and/or wholeness.

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I have neglected this community lately, but I had a good reason! my son was born march 14th! Ivy has been doing just fine with him too. She ignores him until he cries & then she goes & checks on him:) I'll try not to neglect the community so much from now on:)