Anissa (jjgbabygirl) wrote in nopitbullies,

Ivy had her spay yesterday. She's doing really well. eating, drinking, pooping, & peeing like normal. She's a little less groggy than yesterday but she's still being a good girl & laying around. we have a couch right beside our bed & she's using the couch as a step to get on the bed. The couch is really low to the ground so she has no trouble getting on it. I've pushed the coffee table up against one side of the bed & put blankets all over the floor on the other side just in case she gets the crazy idea to jump off the bed without me being able to stop her at least she'll have steps:p I think she'll probably sleep a lot for the next few days then I'll have my hands full because she's going to try to start playing before she's allowed to:p She is spoiled, & she's loving all the attention.
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