June 5th, 2006


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Well-I didn't end up taking Roxy to the shelter. It was a hellish last few days because both my roommate and I are horribly allergic to dogs and our cats were so scared they peed all over the house AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN-but my girlfriend would not have anything to do with the idea of taking her to the shelter. Jenn didn't take care of the dog, that was all me-and suddenly, she did A FEW things for Roxy, but just about as soon as she began helping, she stopped and went back to her old ways of not really caring. And thus, when someone contacted me from North Carolina saying that they wanted Roxy-well, lets just say, I spent 15 hours in the car Saturday and Roxy now has a happy home. It sure seems quiet around here without her and I'm finally getting used to not having a sinus headache constantly!

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