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No · Pit · Bullies

Our newest fur-babies

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This is my first post to this community. My fiance and I are adopting two puppies, a boy and a girl, from a local shelter. They shelter thinks they are boxer mixes but we think they might actually be pit bull or American bulldog mixes judging by the look on their mom. No clue about the dad. We're bringing them home this coming Saturday. We've finally decided what their names will be. The little boy will be called Gage and the little girl will be Una. Gage, we knew his name instantly. Una took a bit longer to decide because we were also considering Brynja but Una simply fit her better as much as we liked Brynja. Gage's named was inspired by Phineas Gage and Una is a Latin name that means one, unity and/or wholeness.

Anyway, here they are -
Introducing Gage!

So adorable!

He was whining a little, so Andy stuck him inside his fleece and he quieted down.

Peeking through Andy's legs.

His markings.

What a cutie!

And now some of Una. :o)

We've taken to calling her Unadilla. Hehe.


Playing with one of her littermates.

And by herself. :o)

Look at me, I'm cute!
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On April 25th, 2006 03:27 am (UTC), jjgbabygirl commented:
they definitely look pit bull-ish to me
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On April 25th, 2006 04:21 am (UTC), _holly replied:
Yeah, we think so too.
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