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As I am sure nearly everyone knows by now, my fiance Andy and I brought home our two-newest fur-babies, Gage and Una, on Saturday. We picked them up from the shelter at noon, with my mom and grandma along for the ride. (They had to see the new babies after all.) My mom brought her camera and was busily snapping loads of pictures. She even whipped out the video camera and took some video. You would have thought we'd just had a baby!

My mom drove home so that Andy and I could each hold one of the pups. They did so well in the car. Neither acted at all frightened, Gage slept on Andy's lap and Una wiggled around my lap and was busily eyeing parts of the car that she wanted to expore.

After making a couple stops (to drop of mom and grandma and such), Andy and I finally introduced the pups to their new (forever) home. We let them check out the yard (And yes, the did their business outside for the first time, yay!) and then took them into the house. We plopped them down on the fleece dog bed I had made the night before and it was instant snooze-ville for them both. It had already been a long, tiring day for them! They spent most of the day sleeping on their bed, allowing visitors to come in and view their cuddly selves sleeping sweetly. A couple friends dropped by, as did some family.

My favorite puppy-reaction of the day was my step-dad's. He came in to meet them for the first, saw them snoozing on their bed and laid down on the floor with his head by their bed and just started kissing all over their little heads and breathing in the puppy breath. Now, my step-dad is a construction worker, over 300 pounds and over 6 foot tall and there he was swooning over puppies. Hehe. So cute. I wish I had gotten pictures.

The boys (our kitties, Montey and Benny, who we adopted from another shelter in Nov. of 2004) have tolerated the addition of the pups to the family very well. They exhibit no animosity towards Gage and Una, merely curiosity, but they are very tentative. They are really not quite sure what to think of these wriggling new beasts. They grow very brave when the pups are sleeping and take this time to creep up to them and sniff them. Montey has sniffed a bit at Gage and Una while they were awake, but being the more timid of the two, these face-to-face meetings were short-lived. But he doesn't seem scared of them so much as he seems to want to avoid close contact until he has a better idea of what he's dealing with. Benny has done very well, coming face-to-face with both pups and allowing them to sniff at him (though he only tolerates that for so long). He even allowed Una to lick his face. He tends to not want to be near them when they get excited and bouncy. I am proud of how well our boys have adjusted to the new family members. They're such great kitties.

So far Gage and Una have done amazingly well. I'm honestly... well, amazed. They do not seem to be missing their mother, littermates or the shelter very much at all. Or at least they aren't exhibiting signs of it. They sleep the majority of the time still but they also explore a little and like to play, albeit pretty erratically because they can't run in a straight line to save their lives and Una seems to only manage circles at the height of excitement. Silly clumsy puppies. They are so cute.

Their first night sleeping alone in their own crates went pretty well. We put them to bed with some warmy sacks that I made from old tube socks and rice (heated in the mircowave) and a towel for a bed in our bedroom. Gage's crate is on Andy's side of the room and Una's is on mine. They both went to sleep without a problem. Gage woke up for the first half of the night almost every hour and cried some, Andy took him outside each time and each time he did his business and Andy brought him back in. Around 3 a.m. we took them both out but when Andy tried to put Gage to bed with his re-heated warmy sack, he kept crying. (Una was already sacked out with her freshly warmed sack.) Andy was trying to figure out what was wrong and why Gage has been crying so oftening during the night (we knew they could hold their bladders longer than an hour), when he saw him shivering a little bit. Despite the warmy sack, Gage was still cold. So Andy went and go another towel and covered Gage up (He also brought up another towel for Una and covered her.) and, lo and behold, Gage slept until 7 a.m., when he cried because he had to go potty again. Tonight we'll tuck them a little better and hopefully they can sleep more soundly in the beginning of the night. I am so glad that they cried to tell us when they had to go potty though. Hooray for small victories?

House breaking has gone really well so far. Since we brought them home, there has only been one small accident in the house (and none in the crates). The rest of the time they have had to do their business, they have gone outside. Can I even begin to describe how delighted I am by that? I don't expect it to continue going as well as this (in fact I am truly surprised it has gone so well this far, I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop) but I am really pleased by how well they are doing thus far! Hooray for them. Hehe. Hopefully with my continued perserverance (I take them out quite often.), they will continue to do as well as they have up to this point.

Anyway, sorry to ramble on about things most people probably don't care about... But I am just thrilled to death about our newest fur-babies and how well they are adjusting to our home and couldn't help but share. So maybe allthe dog people out there in the cyber-world care. Heh.

I have loads of photos. I promise to try and get some resized and loaded to my photobucket account soon so that I can share them!

x-posted. :o)
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