bluefalconchick (bluefalconchick) wrote in nopitbullies,

Hi, my name is Amanda and I am a huge animal lover-this is my first post here-I have kind of a reputation for taking in strays and finding them homes. However, I have had my sweet girl, Roxy (who is a dog), for about three weeks now with no luck in adopting her out! She is a sweetheart, however, my apartment complex (that allows dogs and cats and just about anything else for nominal fee of $85 at time of move-in) is threatening to evict me because of her.


Because she part pittbull and they insist that all pitt bull mixes are mean. She is the sweetest dog on the face of the earth-she even gets along with my six cats and the birds who eat from my outside birdfeeder don't run away from her. She might lick you to death, but she doesn't ever bite! No food aggression, no animal-to-animal aggression, no people aggression-our theory here is that the apartment threatened someone else and they just let her go. The apartment was going to have her put to sleep because of her mean breed (and our local animal shelter does gas euthanisia *shudder*), and I couldn't let this happen.

If you or anyone you know are interested in a sweet medium sized dog (housebroken, loves cats and kids) and you live in the southeast, comment on here or email me at

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