Just wanted to show off a pic of my dog now that we FINALLY got a replacement for the one he ate in September. ;)

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Dogo Chat

For those of you who own or like the Dogo Argentino breed, one of the DACA members created a chat room on IRC. It's #dogo on server

I'd love to see you all there! :)

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Article from The New Yorker.

I found an interesting article through this site. It's rather long, but I highly recommend reading it. Not only does it speak out against BSL, but there are many points in which it shows that racial profiling, stereotypes, and generalizations are, to put frankly, unbelievably ridiculous. Please at least skim through the bolded areas.

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Ivy is pretty much completely healed from her spay. She's acting like nothing ever happened. The incision is healing beautifully. She was able to go outside with hubby yesterday & play. yesterday was exactly a week from the spay & I wouldnt let hubby take her outside to play until then because Ivy tends to play a little rough & I didnt want her to hurt herself.


Hi, I just joined this community. I've grown up with three very friendly pit bulls ever since I was 6 or 7. Because of that, I am now very against breed specific discrimination. I think it's awesome that there are more people out there who believe that pit bulls and other "fighting" breeds deserve another chance.

Speaking of that, I was browsing through chain letters and some chain-spread videos, and I came upon this video (opens in a new window). Don't let the title fool you, it's actually really cute. =)

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Ivy had her spay yesterday. She's doing really well. eating, drinking, pooping, & peeing like normal. She's a little less groggy than yesterday but she's still being a good girl & laying around. we have a couch right beside our bed & she's using the couch as a step to get on the bed. The couch is really low to the ground so she has no trouble getting on it. I've pushed the coffee table up against one side of the bed & put blankets all over the floor on the other side just in case she gets the crazy idea to jump off the bed without me being able to stop her at least she'll have steps:p I think she'll probably sleep a lot for the next few days then I'll have my hands full because she's going to try to start playing before she's allowed to:p She is spoiled, & she's loving all the attention.

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Ivy's getting spayed Friday, I'm nervous about my baby going under the knife!  Her ear infection is all cleared up it seems, I'm going to continue putting the ointment in the ears though just to make sure.  They are getting cleaned out when she's under for the spay.  Ivy thinks the camera is a toy:)  I was trying to get some pictures of her & she thought we were playing.  Next thing I knew she had jumped over the back of my mushroom chair & was on top of me.  Silly girl.  & here's a pic of my girl just because:)

Sad Winter

Stolen Dogo


STOLEN from Richmond, BC - 01/14/06
Elvis was taken out for a walk by an interested adopter and was not returned. An RCMP complaint has been lodged but we would like to request that anyone seeing Elvis contact the shelter or police immediately quoting file #2006-1711.

Elvis is a DEAF 6 month old Dogo Argentino mix (3/4 Dogo Argentino, 1/4 APBT) neutered male puppy who was unclaimed by his owner after being brought into the shelter as a stray. His owner bought him from an advertisement in the paper. Elvis is an absolute handful who is going to require an experienced owner who is capable providing plenty of time to ensure Elvis grows up into a polite canine member of society.


Richmond SPCA
Richmond, BC

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Miss Ivy had to go to the vet yesterday. She got hit by a car a few days ago & we had to get her foot looked at & her ear infections cleared up. She's doing pretty good today. She had a wound on her ear & because she's shaking her head a lot right now they had to wrap her head up so the wound can heal. she looks like a little old woman with a head wrap:) her foot is doing pretty good too. She's walking on it now. She gets spayed on the 27th & they're going to clean her ears out again really good while she's under. She's not real happy with the wrap on her head but she's being a good girl & leaving it on.