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No Pit Bullies

Home to the best breeds in the world

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First off I'd like to welcome you to this community. This is a community for the misunderstood. This community is not only for Pit Bull's but for all bully breeds. Amstaffs, mastiffs, bull terriers, Boxers, American Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, and bully mixes. You are not required to own a bully breed to be in this community, but love for the breeds is a must.

Now because there have to be a few rules to keep order....

feel free to post pictures, share stories, and ask for & give advice. Please be nice & considerate to others.

Please don't be rude to other members. If you don't share the same opinions then please keep it to yourself because each member is entitled to their own opinions. DO NOT promote dog fighting or BSL in any way, this will get you banned from the community. Do not harrass other members, this means don't go into members personal journals & harrass them about topics/comments/opinions brought up in the community. Please don't make posts on unrelated topics. & of course since this is a bully breed community, bully bashing is not allowed, so please take that elsewhere if you must.

Not following these rules, and being unkind toward other members will cause you to be banned from the community, so please be nice. It looks bad on the breed when the owners are mean.